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My Journey, My Choices

Being diagnosed with a long-term disease  is a life-altering event.

You will be bombarded with information and advice from your healthcare providers, your friends and family, from strangers on the internet, and from countless other sources. It is essential that you take ownership of your own healthcare decisions, and, in order to do so, you must be informed and you must be a proactive ambassador for your own health.
The key to navigating the road ahead is to remember…

This is Your Journey and these are Your Choices. 
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Wow, I never though it would be me. The doctor threw me for a loop and I'm at a complete loss. What do I do now?



I am living with a long term disease and I'm doing my best, but what else is out there that might help me?



I am suddenly a care-giver for someone with a long-term disease.
How do I help?

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