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Being diagnosed with a long-term disease can often create fundamental changes in your daily routine.

Even if you’ve been an independent and self-reliant person your entire life, you may find that a bit of support would help you along your journey.

Moreover, even though your needs may be greater when you have a long-term disease, it can be difficult to ask for help to meet those needs.

Fortunately, if you are open with others about your situation, you may be surprised by how many people in your life are ready and willing to become a part of your support team.

To begin with, it can be reassuring to make a list of all of the people who may want to offer you support in some fashion. First of all, there are your family and friends. In addition, there are likely many others with your same disease who are either going through what you are or have already done so. If you are a part of a religious community or have a spiritual practice, then this is just the kind of thing that these groups gear up for. Finally, there are the professional health care providers and caregivers whom you have assembled to support your journey.