About My Journey

My Journey, My Choices

My Journey, My Choices (My Journey) is a tool for healing when faced with long-term illness, based on the Caring Ambassadors Program’s extensive experience helping individuals with challenging health conditions to become ambassadors for their health. The program aims to assist individuals with long-term disease(s) to recognize and act upon what they can control in their healthcare journey to achieve optimal healing. My Journey uses a web-based platform to provide: Education on all aspects of healthcare; Empowerment through self-advocacy skills and knowledge; Support through linkage to reputable services and resources, and; Motivation to research, create, and track a healing journey. My Journey promotes an integrative approach to health, providing information and resources on western medicine, as well as evidence-based therapies, practices, and lifestyle modifications that contribute to holistic health and well-being. My Journey was founded based on the Caring Ambassadors’ guiding values:

Information empowers Patient engagement is necessary for optimum wellness Health is holistic
Patient-centered care is optimal care Evidence-based information is necessary for good decision making Collaboration and integration benefits all patients


My Journey, My Choices Symbol

The Integrative Health Ribbon is the symbol chosen to represent My Journey, My Choices. Each loop contains an area of opportunity for improving one’s overall health and quality of life. The Integrative Health Ribbon is a reminder that all of one’s choices affect one’s overall health and that all aspects of wellness are inextricably intertwined.