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My Plan: A personal integrative health plan that will help you to organize choices you have made related to all aspects of your healthcare.

Action Plan: This tools will help you to break up larger goals into smaller actions that can realistically be achieved to help you move forward on your healing journey.

My Weekly Healing Calendar: Set weekly goals, organize appointments, and track progress made on your healing journey. Available in 2018.

My Integrative Healthcare Team reference sheet: A downloadable document to record the names and contact information for your practitioners from all areas of healthcare.

Health history and intake questionnaire: A generic health history intake questionnaire to keep on file and provide to all healthcare practitioners. 

My Medications and Supplements reference sheet: A downloadable document to track and record all medications you are taking, including prescriptions, over the counter drugs, supplements and vitamins. This is a great resource to keep with your medical records and share with ALL of your healthcare practitioners.

Questions for my provider. Available in 2018.

American Academy of Family Physicians: Symptom Diary

An Integrative Guide to Symptom Management: A brief guide providing integrative strategies to address common long-term disease symptoms such as pain, fatigue, emotional problems, anxiety, and more. Available in 2018.