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“Hope is clear-eyed. It sees all the realities that you face, all the obstacles, all the problems, all the potential for failure. But through that, it sees as well a possible path to a better future. It’s not guaranteed, but it’s possible.” 

Dr. Jerome Groopman, MD

Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

It Starts with a Mindset. 

The first, and quite possibly most challenging barrier you’ll have to address on this journey is your mindset: your attitude, perceptions, and beliefs about the road ahead with a long-term illness. Healing can only begin when a mindset clouded by uncertainty, negativity, and hopelessness starts to shift to one that embraces hope. There are a few core concepts, which form the foundation of My Journey, My Choices, that can help with this mindset shift.

Core Concepts

  1. You have choices in your healthcare that can shape the outcome of your journey.
  2. By having choices, you DO have control (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise).
  3. Health and wellness are shaped by body, mind and spirit, not merely the presence or absence of disease or disability.
  4. Well-being and an enhanced quality of life can be achieved in many ways.
  5. Healing is Possible.
What does 'healing' mean?

There is no standard definition for ‘heal’ or ‘healing’, and the act of healing – whether from long-term illness or another transformative life event – will look different for everyone. For purposes of My Journey, My Choices, ‘healing’ is a process of restoration to a state of wholeness and fulfillment; physical healing from one’s illness may or may not be a part of this process. Healing is a process by which well-being is achieved and quality of life is improved.

A few mental steps are key to adopting the mindset you’ll need to take action and become an ambassador for your own health. The following pages will provide more information on these steps, and corresponding reflection activities for each step are available with Your Healing Planner.