Establishing Goals

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As you’re researching the information that you need to start making changes in your life, you’ll want to start thinking about your own personal end game. Specifically, you’ll want to determine your priorities and establish your goals. Many people who grow up in the mindset of western medicine may think that the only valid goal is to cure your disease or, if that’s not an option, to fight your disease as hard as you can.

That’s certainly a goal to consider, but it’s not the only valid option. If you are in a lot of suffering or if your disease is having a major impact on your daily life, your first priority might be to reduce your symptoms.

Or your first priority might be to get as healthy as possible before considering treatment. Your goal may be to live with the highest quality of life for as long as possible. Or, you might establish the goal of keeping yourself as healthy as you can until a cure for your disease is developed.

All of these scenarios, and many others, are valid approaches to your disease and should be carefully considered as you determine your priorities and establish next steps. Keep in mind that your goal will likely change throughout your journey. That’s ok. Focus on what your goal is today, and what steps you can take now to achieve it.

So, take some time to reflect on your ultimate goal. Then, explore this website to discover helpful tools and information that will help you on your journey to achieving it.

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