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Why? Integrative therapies treat the whole person. An integrative approach to health recognizes the important interplay between all aspects of health and the impact – positive or negative – that they can have on one another. Perhaps you are newly diagnosed and want to give yourself the best shot of achieving healing or preventing disease progression. Or, perhaps you have been treating your disease for several years using the best therapies western medicine has to offer, but your quality of life is suffering and your disease continues to progress. No matter where you are in your journey, taking an integrative approach to your health can help by treating mind, body, and spirit to optimize health and wellness.

Integrative medicine is evidence-based, and an abundance of information exists demonstrating the power and effectiveness of integrative approaches to health – for example, the power of the mind-body connection, or the impact of lifestyle choices on health outcomes. The Caring Ambassadors values evidence-based information and transparency. To that extent, we have provided as much information as possible regarding the science and evidence behind the integrative therapies and complementary and lifestyle approaches contained within this site. However, we encourage you to perform your own research prior to adding any integrative or complementary therapies into your health or treatment regimen. One excellent place to start is the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health’s (NCCIH) website. NCCIH is a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and applies scientific standards to the research of integrative and complementary health and medicine. Their “Health Topics A-Z Library” provides users with an easy platform for searching for and reviewing the evidence on a wide array of integrative and complementary health topics.

For personal stories of hope from those who have incorporated integrative approaches to optimize wellness and healing, please visit our Stories of Hope page.

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