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Below are some goals you may have throughout your journey and corresponding pages on this website that may be of help in achieving them:

“I want to cure my disease”: You’ll want to build the best possible health care team to help you reach this goal, so visit Building a Care Team for some tips. You may also be interested in exploring clinical trials specific to your long-term illness. And when you are ready, visit the Nourishing Your Journey section of the site for information on health and wellness practices that can bolster your body’s ability to heal.

“I want to alleviate or manage my disease symptoms”: For a brief overview of symptom management tools and therapies, download the Integrative Guide to Symptom Management. Complementary Medicine systems may offer strategies and treatments for symptom relief not provided by your medical doctor (but ALWAYS discuss all medications and treatments with every member on your health care team). If you don’t track your symptoms, starting to do so may help you and your doctor identify triggers, determine effective symptom relief therapies, and track progress being made in symptom management efforts and overall health. Visit the Tools page for more information on tracking symptoms.

“I want to prevent the progression of my disease”: There are many changes you can make now to prevent the progression of your disease – this is especially true for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and even many autoimmune diseases. Lifestyle factors – such as nutrition and exercise, and practicing healthy behaviors can go a long way in halting the progression of a disease. Additionally, research continues to mount showing the biological impact of stress on our bodies. The good news is, by effectively managing the stress in our lives, we can prevent cellular harm, allowing our bodies to reduce disease impact and progression.

“I want to prevent the onset of a new disease”: The saying that “lightening never strikes twice in the same place” is, unfortunately, not true of illness. In fact, about a quarter of Americans are burdened by more than one chronic disease. By preventing the onset of a new disease, you are giving yourself the best chance of healing from what already burdens you. Lifestyle changes and mind-body practices can go a long way in disease prevention, so educate yourself on the power of nutrition, exercise, and stress management.

“I want to get as healthy as possible, so that my body responds the best it can to medical treatments”: Taking an integrative approach to your health is a great strategy for ensuring that your holistic health needs are addressed and nurtured, setting the table for success once conventional medical treatments are started.  Learn more about taking an integrative approach to health and how small actions can make a big impact on your health and well-being.

The site navigation tips for each of the above goals are only suggestions. We invite you to explore the entire My Journey, My Choices website and use the information and tools that will best help you in meeting your goals. And regardless of your end goal, never underestimate the healing and restorative powers of relationships and a strong support system. Having a strong support system in place will benefit you, no matter where you are in your journey. Learn more about the importance of support systems.

Once you have established a goal and empowered yourself with the resources, information, and tools that will help you take next steps, we encourage you to make a plan for how to make the changes to achieve your goal. Action planning is an effective strategy you can use to bring your plan to life and help keep you on track. We invite you to download a single action plan, or create, organize, and track your entire health and wellness journey.

Don’t forget, the journey to reaching your ultimate goal is an opportunity in and of itself. The diagnosis of a long-term illness has the potential to be a life-enhancing gift: one which may propel you to take the steps to live a healthier, fuller, more purposeful life. Read Randy’s Story for an example of how a life-threatening diagnosis ultimately became one man’s greatest gift.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. ~Henry David Thoreau