Understanding Your Results

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Understanding your lab reports can be difficult at first. The results may appear to be reported in a foreign language that could take some time to comprehend fully. In addition, many factors beyond your disease state can affect the results that you will see on your lab reports.  Gender, age, stress levels, medications, and many other outside influences can have a significant impact on your lab reports. You should always keep in mind that many factors can influence your overall health, so changes in your lab reports may not be a direct result of a specific change in your treatment.

Your health care provider should always be your main point of contact for understanding and interpreting your lab results. In addition, there are web-based tools and apps that allow you to further explore your tests and lab results. These tools may allow you to “dig deeper” on your own schedule and do not present the time constraints you may encounter with a scheduled doctor’s appointment. These tools should be used to supplement – not replace – consultation with your healthcare provider and may also be helpful in organizing thoughts and questions you have for your provider about your lab results.

Lab Tests Online, American Association for Clinical Chemistry:

Lab Tests Online is an award-winning health information web resource designed to help patients and caregivers understand the many lab tests that are a vital part of medical care.

Quest Diagnostics:

Helpful tips for patients on what to do and things to consider before, during, and after laboratory tests are performed.

Laboratory Corporation of America

Helpful information on what tests are needed, available apps, and ordering tests from Lab Corp for patients and physicians.

Lab App for Apple

Medical Lab Tests is the perfect pocket tool for medical laboratory tests and enables you to browse through a huge library of common lab tests to find out more about clinical laboratory values.

Quick LabRef for Android

Quick LabRef for Android (Quick Clinical Laboratory Values Reference) provides quick look at the up-to-date information on the most commonly used clinical laboratory values and other useful relevant information such as lab data in Microbiology, Physiology / Pathophysiology, Toxicology, etc.