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The initial version of Your Healing Planner is now available for download! Will you help make it great? The Caring Ambassadors is still in the process of developing content and improving the planner’s user friendliness. We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions: What works? What doesn’t? How can we improve the Your Healing Planner to help you and others learn, live well, and heal?

Please direct all comments to Meg Ziemann, My Journey, My Choices Program Director.

This planner will empower you by shifting control of your health and healthcare decisions back into your hands.

Along with the My Journey, My Choices Website, Your Healing Planner©:

  • Provides information about the eight aspects of healthcare identified by the Caring Ambassadors Program as being part of an optimal wellness plan: Western Medicine, Stress Management, Support System, Well-being, Complementary Medicine, Spirituality, Nutrition, and Exercise.

  • Helps you identify the healthcare and wellness options available to you in each of the areas listed above.

  • Provides exercises and an organized format to help you choose which healthcare options are right for you.

  • Assists you in creating a personalized, integrative healing plan that takes all of your healthcare needs into consideration.

  • Motivates you to reach your individual healthcare goals by taking incremental steps though goal setting and action planning.

The Your Healing Planner Weekly Action Plan and Calendar is a companion tool to Your Healing Planner. Integrating a healthcare calendar and action planning and goal setting features in an easy-to-use format, the Your Healing Planner Weekly Action Plan & Calendar can help you stay organized and motivated on your healing journey.